South Beach Electronic Cigarettes: A Top-notch Product For Smokers

South Beach Electronic Cigarettes are well-known for its quality and its maximum vapor. It has the micro-electronic technology that makes you feel like smoking the real cigarette without making any harm to you and the environment surrounding you. It has many advantages when you compare it with the traditional cigarettes. It offers you no odor, no second-hand smoke, no disastrous smoke and no more carbon monoxide. It gives you the healthy environment. It comes of with the advanced vapor max technology and it is only available in few brands. It gives you the new feeling and the smoking experience than normal. It attracts each and every user by its quality, performance and technology. It has the automatic cleaning technology that makes you feel fresh and smoking the new one all the time.

Rechargeable Battery

South Beach Electronic Cigarettes come of with powerful lithium battery. It comes of with the lithium-ion battery technology and provides you the long life battery and produces more vapor. It comes of with the portable wall charger, USB charger, extra capacity battery, car USB charger.


It has an orange glowing tip. If the lit looks dim and the smoke-like vapor reduce, then it is time to recharge or change your batteries. It is designed with silicon tip to prevent any leakage from the cigarettes. It gives you the feel of the real cigarettes all the time.  You can read South Beach Electronic Cigarettes reviews to get more interesting information about your favorite brand.


In addition to the traditional tobacco flavors, it has many varieties of flavors. They are menthol, chocolate, vanilla and cherry. You can choose the flavor according to your wish.

Starter Kits

The starter kits are available with money back guarantees and the warranties. You can first try the starter kit and then select the flavor according to your wish. Once when you get fully satisfied with the product, then you can continue with the product. They are several types of starter kits available in this brand like Deluxe ultimate, Deluxe Plus, Disposable e-cigarette packs, Reusable Express kits and Deluxe kits. You can choose that suits your money.

Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are also available for the South Beach Electronic Cigarettes. Now buy one get one free offer coupon code is available. You can also gift one starter kit to your friend or your family members. It is somewhat inexpensive when compared to the other brands.